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Minneapolis Hiring Freeze

The Star Tribune and The Minnesota Daily covered the hiring freeze in Minneapolis. The Daily reported on the potential hiring freeze that will be addressed at the meeting and the Star Tribune reported on the aftermath of the meeting.

The Daily said that the measure was announced on Dec. 1st and the meeting would not be held until Dec. 12. The potential freeze would not take effect until the 2009 budget and would be in place until the city decides to remove it. The freeze is due to the poor economy, the city will face about $38 million in new costs for employee pensions over the next five years. It may not save the city that much money but it would help avoid more financial trouble if the economy remains poor. On top of the hiring freeze, "layoffs are not off the table" and may be required for future budget cuts. This hiring pause means that the city will evaluate more closely every hire.

The Star Tribune covered the meeting and what decisions were made. The hiring freeze is implemented. It will start with outside hires and within 60 days it will expand t internal promotions and transfers. Jobs will be filled only if deemed crucial. The article then covered other topics of discussion at the meeting.

Both sources said there was a hiring freeze back in 2003 and it was not repealed until 2005. The Daily said it did result in some layoffs during that time.