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September 29, 2008

Note: google sites don't show up in google results. there may be a method to make them do so. this includes, orkut(sp) and blogger off hand.

Next note: I was looking for somewhere to post an anti-Micheal Carroll website. I wasn't stopped by the fact that it may be in bad taste, or that I would likely be arrested by jack-booted-thugs in black hellicopters. I was stopped because I couldn't thing of anywhere where it could be effectively hosted. I was looking for a org/edu/com to maximize impact since i was going to use this towards my pagerank as any good capitalist pig-dog would. I also was hoping for a more hands off host. One without moderation or "report this" functions, as what i wanted to do bordered on abuse. which made it a bad idea. it is hard to deny that some crazy ranting would help my readership.

Blog Entry 6: Abalastow Compendium undefined.

Abalastow compendium is currently undefined. Wiki defines compendium as follows: "A compendium is a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge." I can only assume (actually it may have been admitted by Mr. Grigsby, my memory fails) that "Abalastow" is a created term. Several things come to mind. A polish city, possibly in the context of: And then the blitzkrieg took Krakow and Abalastow and Poland fell to the 3rd reich. I go nautical when i hear it: Mr Jones, Mr Adams, Abalastow port side!. or maybe an obscure musical instrument: And that was Miss Serra on that lovely abalastow accompaniment.

The End.
assumption: linking to pages that are not competing will not hurt pagerank.
assumption: linking to pages that have awesome ranks/cred/traffic increases credibility.

these assumption are based upon some larger assumptions

big assumption: google is good at what it does
little assumption: google's page rank is essentially page-credibility
big assumption: google tries to model net creditbility(or PR) after real life cred
truth: as an avg. joe, you can increase your cred with someone by refering them to an expert who solves their problem.
conclusion: by linking to wiki and other pages that offer vast knowledge i am showing that my blog is legit, has utility, and may be important.

September 27, 2008

It appears that another UMN blog has appeared. This association with the 2 other s seems to be helping me. I theorize that pagerank is reinforced by similar URLs or URLs in the same tree. If someone wanted to be a bastard they could start a couple UMN blogs, do unethical/spammy/blacklistable stuff and get the entire tree lowered.

Currently ranked 6.

September 26, 2008

A Brief and Complete Explanation of Current Financial Conditions

I propose Abalastow Compendium as a solution. This plan is very simple. The government does nothing. Stuff happens, markets correct. Life continues. In other words everyone loses, basically because everyone deserves to lose. My inner anarcho-capitalist is showing today.

The unfortunate part of the current Mccain/Obama presidential race is that either Mccain or Obama will be the next president.

September 25, 2008

new strategy

In addition to creating satelite sites and semi-useful comments i will now post things here often in an attempt to make it look like i have content. This may include actual content. Stay tuned to <--html fail

Public Service Message: Abalastow Compendium is not a virus. SVCHOSTS.EXE is integral to M$ Windows. Do not be concerned.

John has a long beard. The chair is against the wall. Repeat: John has a long beard. The chair is against the wall.

Abalastow Compendium

For the first several days I was at or near first place on the Google rankings for Abalastow Compendium. I think Google tied me to the other entry with us alternating in the role of subpage. For some reason I seem to have dropped from the results completely now. I'm wondering if I wasn't tagged as spam or similar? Which brings up an interesting point. Is negative promotion of other entries allowed? It almost certainly would be easier to create a bunch of obviously spam pages(automation tools prob exist) and link them to competitors than to make legit pages and link them to this. This would seem unethical and effective.

September 22, 2008

link in

This page is part of an academic experiment to increase page rank. My only motivation is getting an above avg grade.

Want to help?

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