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Blog Entry 6: Abalastow Compendium undefined.

Abalastow compendium is currently undefined. Wiki defines compendium as follows: "A compendium is a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge." I can only assume (actually it may have been admitted by Mr. Grigsby, my memory fails) that "Abalastow" is a created term. Several things come to mind. A polish city, possibly in the context of: And then the blitzkrieg took Krakow and Abalastow and Poland fell to the 3rd reich. I go nautical when i hear it: Mr Jones, Mr Adams, Abalastow port side!. or maybe an obscure musical instrument: And that was Miss Serra on that lovely abalastow accompaniment.

The End.
assumption: linking to pages that are not competing will not hurt pagerank.
assumption: linking to pages that have awesome ranks/cred/traffic increases credibility.

these assumption are based upon some larger assumptions

big assumption: google is good at what it does
little assumption: google's page rank is essentially page-credibility
big assumption: google tries to model net creditbility(or PR) after real life cred
truth: as an avg. joe, you can increase your cred with someone by refering them to an expert who solves their problem.
conclusion: by linking to wiki and other pages that offer vast knowledge i am showing that my blog is legit, has utility, and may be important.