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Note: google sites don't show up in google results. there may be a method to make them do so. this includes pages.google.com, orkut(sp) and blogger off hand.

Next note: I was looking for somewhere to post an anti-Micheal Carroll website. I wasn't stopped by the fact that it may be in bad taste, or that I would likely be arrested by jack-booted-thugs in black hellicopters. I was stopped because I couldn't thing of anywhere where it could be effectively hosted. I was looking for a org/edu/com to maximize impact since i was going to use this towards my pagerank as any good capitalist pig-dog would. I also was hoping for a more hands off host. One without moderation or "report this" functions, as what i wanted to do bordered on abuse. which made it a bad idea. it is hard to deny that some crazy ranting would help my readership.