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October 6, 2008

Does the world remind anyone of () Ayn Rand's Anthem Shrugged? I don't know how it ends yet; it's pretty long.

Also I want a movie/series that combines Firefly with Atlas Shrugged. Or maybe anything based on Firefly and anything based on Rand.

Important stuff:
rank dropped, 2nd on 2nd page, im thinking that makes me #12. I was separated from the other Ublog. I think this may have something to do with me mentioning things like 1Sasd2EOasd3BigGasd4I realiizeasd5thatthisasd8is ...too hard.

I think i get penalized for mentioning too much stuff about making this blog perform better. G(note how I don't spell it anymore) may not like being messed with and I certainly has filtered content before (that deal with China?).

I guess I'll have to switch to one time use pad cipher. And require login to view content..silly.

Entry typed on IBM clicky KB from 1984 and and AOC "non-interlaced" 14" CRT. So I can't read anything I write.

October 5, 2008

special sauce

I have a new end of game strategy. I will not be revealing it. It will appear very regular to google and my thirsty readers. It will not be deployed until the final week of competition. It's a strategy that would work for anyone. I don't think it will give me a huge boost, but it will likely help me the weather the storm of people increasing their ranks and will be automated so tests, etc will not be a problem.

Vtime=t^t or Abalastow Compendium

This weekend:
Attended "American Carol": funny in an over the top manner. ACLU zombies were a highlight.
Attempted to go frat party: FAIL: did not remember what frat it was at.
Played CTF: won 4/7
Dropped off truck after replacing alternator
Tour guided 5 hour bike tour of St.Paul: legs still stiff
Wrote this recursively cited blog entry.

To do:
Punching bag
fix shoe
inflate tires
HW for 4 classes.
be awesome

Abalastow Compendium

current rank: 10
2nd umn
recent effort level: 0

someone commented on not being able to get google analytics to recognize that they have installed the script it requires. I had the same problem on pages.google.com. The same site also does not show up in results so.....

October 3, 2008

I smell a Porcupine!

Update: I am now back at #11, indicating either the fickleness of pagerank, the awesomeness of my theories, or my predisposition to forget to count my actual rank.

Abalastow Compendium is noobular! <--i made that word up in conversation one day

theorii: google likes it when people make up words, it also likes it when the use ascii art like "----->"

October 2, 2008

For reasons I can only guess (as an aside I am currently wearing earplugs) I have been seperated from that page I was tied to. Odd, for much of the time I was ranked the stronger of the two, then I was ranked the weaker, now I am ranked so much weaker that we have been seperated and I have been pushed to #1! on page 2 :(

Thoughts: my last 2 posts may not have been focused on abalastow compendium enough?

Attempt to rectify:
Abalastow Compendium
Abalastow Compendium!

currently 532 results for Abalastow Compendium.

Abalastow Compendium


Life Skillz has a sweet class that teaches you how to be awesome. In one weekend you spend 25 hours in intense (understatement) group stuff. It has already improved my life.


I'm ranked 10 to s-e-v-e-r-x-x-x-x 's 9. so im going to post more content. this is another assumption of mine

these assumptions have no basis in fact but operate off the principle that google probably ranks things in a logical manner.

Assumption: in cases of similar URLS, and with close page rankings google groups pages into families

Assumption: Within families, new content may be prioritiezed.

Dear google: consider this new content, please make me #9 k thanks