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Vtime=t^t or Abalastow Compendium

This weekend:
Attended "American Carol": funny in an over the top manner. ACLU zombies were a highlight.
Attempted to go frat party: FAIL: did not remember what frat it was at.
Played CTF: won 4/7
Dropped off truck after replacing alternator
Tour guided 5 hour bike tour of St.Paul: legs still stiff
Wrote this recursively cited blog entry.

To do:
Punching bag
fix shoe
inflate tires
HW for 4 classes.
be awesome

Abalastow Compendium

current rank: 10
2nd umn
recent effort level: 0

someone commented on not being able to get google analytics to recognize that they have installed the script it requires. I had the same problem on pages.google.com. The same site also does not show up in results so.....