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I want a new phone.

I'm poor for the forseeable future. I also like freedom and cell phones. Here is my buying guide to phones for people such as I:

Goals: Have a phone that does what I need. Have money left over.
2 ways to do this. I could lock into a contract for 2 years and get an acceptable phone that would be glitzy and shiny, but leave me with a lack of freedom. Instead I could go the old phone route. Ebay--> search for something that has BT, does text and is minimally used. The best Idea yet: find a phone I like and mod it. I'll call it the Big Phone. Picture a RAZR in the open position. Then imagine a late 90's cordless phone, large with stub antenna. I would transform the RAZR into that size by using a ton of batteries and some expoxy. Probably have to relocate SIM slot and then integrate a belt clip. Now to find an old RAZR.