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Return of the Plan

Asside1: I just noticed a category pull down. This entry is now tagged "win". How appropriate.
Asside2: I had intended to resume the plan last week and the week before, but that fell through. So I will redefine my absence as a test of page rank decay as a site enters decrepitude. This test would be better performed for a very static and well entrenched search term so that the movement of other results wouldn't effect my relative rank.

I have no posted for about a month, maybe a little longer. My rank should be down. Some of my previous ranks were tainted by being logged into Gmail. Oh the humanity.

Since I don't really think other people read this I am going to post my endgame strat.

I will set up timed posting so that my site looks interesting. Links to random gizmodo/hackaday/random articles. Comments on life. Reminders to log into gxc and kill in the name of Hannah Montana and all that is right. Wiki links. And other stuff.