October 29, 2007

U of M Intramurals

There are numerous things to do for a pastime at the University of Minnesota, but the most popular quite possibly is intramural sports. As a second year student, I've had the opportunity to play competitively yet having fun at the same time. Last year, I played intramural soccer, basketball and softball. Though each of these sports were quite competitive, the idea of playing with a team was something that I found quite entertaining. This year, my team and I played intramural soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and softball. These team sports really facilitate in making new friends at the same time has numerous health benefits. The great thing about intramural sports is the fact that many college students do not have the time to exercise, but with the intramural sports, one has the opportunity to enjoy a sport while staying healthy. In addition, it's something other than partying every weekend. Intramural sports, in my opinion, are one of the best opportunities that the University of Minnesota offers to its students.