Coaching Desire

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Throughout my childhood and while growing up, I was always active with sports and various physical activities. When I entered college I knew that the Kinesiology major would fulfill my lifestyle with a career I would very much enjoy. I am a Kinesiology major with a Minor in coaching. My intentions are to enter the chiropractic field with coaching on the side. After participating in organized high school football and basketball, I have developed a strong desire to stay active within the sports by being able to coach the activities I enjoy the most.
The coaching minor and KIN 3143 course will help me understand the basic concepts of what it takes to be a coach for an athletic team. I feel that I already understand and have full desire for the sports, but knowing how to organize and administer them on a coaching lens is very important. The coaching minor program will help offer an education I need to diversify my coaching knowledge physically and mentally. Being the best coach I can possibly be for myself and my athletes would be my ultimate goal.

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