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With a prospective coaching position in my future, my biggest and most important goal is to be the best coach I can be for my personal self and for my athletes. In order to attain this goal I will need to abide my coaching position through my mission. My mission is to coach and teach my athletes to be the best they absolutely can be (both mentally and physically). By doing so both myself and my athletes will have to stick with three big words that attain to all sports/athletics: commitment, discipline, and most importantly consistency.

When committing yourself to a sport, an athlete should realize that they are devoting their time to an activity that requires a lot of work. I think that commitment is very important for my athletes because I wouldn't want them throwing in the towel half way through the program or not giving full effort. Aside from sports and athletics, committing yourself to anything is an important aspect of life to understand and knowing how to follow through with it.

Self-discipline is another great learning aspect everyone needs to have both in sports and in their everyday lifestyles. If my athletes can't learn to achieve great self-discipline during practice and games, then I would be very worried how they act off the field and how they carry themselves through their everyday lives. I think that self-discipline is a concept that really shows how mature an athlete is and how prepared they are for the real world after high school/college.

Last but not least, consistency is by far the most important thing to have in all sports. Performing at peak levels all the time is merely impossible (even for professional athletes). In your future career and lifestyle, staying consistent is an everyday norm that can be applied to everything and anything. If my athletes can at least learn from my coaching program how to stay consistent throughout their athletic lives, I know that they could possible transition that into their own lifestyle.

A majority of high school kids on an athletic team don't proceed their athletic careers to the college levels (and same with college to professional levels). So, as a coach I want to make sure that while participating in these sports, they are challenged to be the best person/athlete they are capable of both on and off the field for their own personal benefit.

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