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At Least 20 Dead in Baghdad Suicide Bombings

At least 20 have been killed by suicide bombers Thursday in attacks on Shiite mosques in Baghdad reports the New York Times.

The attacks occurred in different areas of Baghdad during early morning prayer, the Interior Ministry said. Muslims are currently celebrating the close of Ramadan.

The first attack occurred in the Zafraniya district in southeast Baghdad. A car bomber rammed a taxi into an armored vehicle guarding the entrance to a compound, killing eight. The neighborhood has a population that is heavily Shiite, the Interior Ministry said.

The second attack had a bomber trying to enter a prayer hall in the Shiite area of New Baghdad, killing 12 and wounding at least 25.

People in the crowd believe that Sunni extremists were responsible for the attacks, and other said they suspected American involvement.

The BBC also reported on this story, saying that at least 54 have been wounded according to Iraqi officials.

Police also said that six people from one family died north of Baghdad when a gunman opened fire on a minibus.