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Iran's President Suffering from Exhaustion

The Star Tribune and New York Times are both reporting an AP story on Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suffering from exhaustion.

Two of the presidents allies said he was suffering under the strain of his job. This was said to combat rumors that the leader was more seriously ill.

A parliament member said that opponents are using this to cast doubt on whether Ahmadinejad will run for a second term next year.

These next few months are very critical for the president to rebuild his image. Right now he is a very unpopular leader. Critics accuse him of having unfulfilled campaign promises.

Iran is approaching a budget squeeze with oil prices falling.

The U.N. has placed many sanctions against Iran since Ahmadinejad took office because of the refusal to halt uranium enrichment.

He appeared at a religious ceremony on Saturday, looking tired.

"Thank God, I do not have an illness. Exhaustion is possible but no illness," Ahmadinejad told a reporter.