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What can't you live without?

When i think of a technopoly, there is only one thing i think of. How our society functions on computers.

Without computers...we wouldn't get anywhere! Our world would never have the connections and advancements that it has today. The ideas shared around the world have excelled our generation into the future at a pace that is extraordinary.

And look how far we've come...FROM THIS:




The connection, the speed, the language, the ideas, the conversations, the entertainment...its all through this one piece of technology that our society relies on...making us a true technopoly. If we did not have computers, I have a feeling we would still be stuck in the 70's, watching TV or playing cards for our entertainment. We would be less educated in the ways of the world, and less connected to the ideas of others. Our minds would not be as expanded as they are today.

My prediction is that the computer will CREATE an entirely different society in the future (than we see today), and our society will no longer rely on computers, but it will BE computers!

You know those futuristic movies like Minority Report and The Matrix....soon to be not-so-futuristic!


Um hey. I dont know if you even look at this anymore... but i just wanted to let you that this is pretty cool... we must be related... ha.