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If you haven't guessed, most of my in depth blogs will be about digital research tools. Quantcast is another tool that I use for work. It can be found at quantcast.com

Quantcast is a sweet little secondary research tool that allows you to access monthly views of a website as well as demographic information about those people. For heavy traffic websites it can also give you additional information such as geographic and lifestyle.

The information from quantcast is generated through cookies. The information that is gathered about the audiences can in no way identify them personally. The speaker from Carmichael Lynch spoke briefly about quantcast but I thought a blog describing a time that it has been useful in my own experience would be of help.

As I said, quantcast generates demographic information. During an online campaign for Invisalign I used quantcast to measure the demographic characteristics of invisalign by simply using their data to see what type of people had been visiting the invisalign.com main website. The information could then be used to target specific demographics in a Google Adwords campaign. It is important to note that different research methods should be taken to find information about people offline if you are doing an offline campaign.

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