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Reach local is one of the largest SEM companies that I am aware of. They boast their technologically advanced algorithm that allows them to very narrowly target your audience so that you see the best ROI.

Reach Local is a third party lead generator that charges you a fee to have them run a SEM campaign (they do other campaigns but i'm focusing on SEM) with their advanced algorithm. They bid on key words in search engines such as Google so that your website will come up in the paid section of the search results. Something that I thought was interesting that we learned in class was that the highest bidder doesn't always get the number one spot on the search results.

Reach Local creates reports that will vary depending on your type of campaign. The report would include things such as impressions, visits, calls, emails and web events. Web events would be a metric that you set up such as reaching a certain page within your website. You can also view your spend side by side with the report so you can see exactly how much you are spending to receive the impressions visits, etc...

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