August 22, 2004

Swedish chef

That was interesting. I fiddled with a couple of the blog parameters for Route 101, and accidentally changed the language for date display to Swedish. `augusti?' Does that mean I have to start writing the entires in Swedish as well? Many of my ancestors would approve. Except for the Norwegians.

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Lost a few days to a throat/sinus implosion. I have no idea what hit me, but it was nasty. Now I'm functioning again.

On a whim, I googled for `sinus implosion' and discovered that such a thing can actually happen. I'm appalled.

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August 3, 2004


Finally got the home page in decent shape. Not everything it links to makes sense, but the basic homepage information is there.

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July 13, 2004

Good morning, campers

Herewith, a journal of what I hope will be a growing understanding of routing in data communication networks. I'll spend some words over the next few entries to explain in more detail what I have in mind for the journal. For now, it's sufficient to say that I don't expect anybody but me to ever want to read this stuff: it is a collection of notes to myself. Out of editorial habit I'll write in the second or third person, but if you imagine everything written by me, from me, and to me, you'll have the idea just right.

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