May 10, 2008

Blog Prompt #8

MDG #2: Achieve universal primary education.
I thought I was going to like this presentation, but it turned out to be way too scripted that it turned into information that I could look up anywhere. Some of the members did very good job with presenting their portion and made it seem as if they were part of an organization helping the cause, where others just wanted a grade.
They had a lot of good facts and slides were nicely put together. I think that women lack a lot of education in countries such as Pakistan as they described, but I would have to say that it’s still an issue for both men and women.
The Main Issues in Pakistan are:
• 14 million Muslims and Hindus relocated
• Lack of funding, locations, and student attendance
• Madras educates only 8% of all Pakistani’s
• Women go to school to provide a better education for their SONS.
• United States hopes to provide over 100 million dollars by 2015.
• Since 1990, the enrollment rate surpassed the literacy rate
They spoke too much on Greg Mortenson, yes I am sure he is doing great things to help the Pakistani’s but there must be some other form of aid in succeeding with this goal. He has enabled many communities to help provide themselves school buildings, teachers and supplies. Overall they had good intentions, but just focused way too much on Greg Mortenson.

Blog Prompt #7

MDG #1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
I think that this group did a very good job, the overall presentation was good but lacking some key information. Some of the things I thought would be helpful were, describing the current government and what they are trying to do to solve this issue internally. It seems like they focused too much on the abilities of developed countries such as the United States and what they are doing.
They provided two organizations that are attempted to help; on being OXFAM a global organization that provides food and education, and ALCHEMY WORLD which I believe provides entrepeneurships in agriculture for students to learn the essentials and then provide their local community with that knowledge and experience. I understand what OXFAM is doing, but ALCHEMY WORLD is still a little hazy in my mind. I think their efforts in fighting this goal, needed to be explained a little better.
The main issues in Ethiopia are:
• Lack of irrigation technology
• Income generation (being taught in classes on how to achieve a better sale price)
• Lake Ziway receeded over a mile since they began tapping this main resource
• Storage shelters were built for year round storage (can grow without wasting)
Overall I think the group did a really good job with gathering information on Ethiopia, but could use more in depth information to help stabilize their argument.

April 2, 2008

Blog Prompt #7

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March 12, 2008

Blog Prompt #6

Instead of using magazines, which are current for that published date; I decided to look at a site that focuses on Aids in Africa. Primarily using statistic charts, the viewer is able to catch a glipmse of the reality we are facing with the aids epidemic in Africa. I believe that the best means of promoting this issue is by first hand experience (getting aids/HIV), fortunately many of us are lucky enough not to. So the safest and most effective way is through images, movies, and music. Images allow a viewer to begin the process of interest in this issue. Then hollywood comes along and creates a documentary about the locations, the lives it's changed, and the effects on the surrounding lifestyles. Finally, I believe that music is the most powerful voice in initiating help. Whether it's raising funds, bringing awareness or just providing an momentary escape from reality. I have provided a link to a highly informative site in relation to the Aids epidemic. The information is so very powerful yet so overlooked by many. I am hoping that more people who are sayer's will become do'ers and help the fight ending in 2015.

March 5, 2008

Blog Prompt #5

Design functionality is the key to success. Everything surrounding everything has the potential to be flawed or successful in it's function. Designers must accept their mistakes and grow from then, rather than pawning the faults to a different source. Not everyone in life can constantly make the right choices, and this leaves many in unhealthy/helpless situations. Im not positive but I believe Thomas Fischer has stated that designers should have a better attachment to their creations as if it's a lifelong client. This could potentially solve the problem of buildings, communities, and cities from the depressions caused by the lack of upkeep in their original intentions for the designs. I have attached a link to a blog site in which the author is as tired of poor housing as I am, but the author focuses more on the lifestyle, where I begin at the source (the design).

February 26, 2008

Blog Prompt #4

If I had no constraints from the architecture school program, I don't really know what I would do. Most likely I would ask for the Professors to give me my constaints back. I work much better and creatively when I have to think carefully about my progress towards that unattainable perfection we all strive for. At this moment in time, a majority of the people in our culture are beginning to see the impact humans have towards natural resource consumption, and the rapid rate they will deteriorate at. If I had the opprotunity, I would start to provide people with the knowledge and resources to begin a more sustainable lifestyle. It's not that hard to take a step in to the right direction by maybe changing a lightbulb to an ecofriendly light bulb or start use the same water bottle everday for your liquids. Most people think that this issue will not affect us in our liftime, but if you have family and care about them, in turn it affects you, because they will have to live with our choices.

Check this site out for ideas...

February 20, 2008

Self Explanatory?


Polar Warming Effect



Polar bear.jpg

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Blog Prompt #3

Well, I have figured out nothing about movable type so far. I am very computer literate yet I am unable to figure out what i am doing or lack of. Anyways, I have posted a few pictures related to my research project. They relate to global warming as im sure you figured out. It's a major issue, maybe not for our generation, but sometime in the future, it will indeed affect lives dramatically. I think sustainability in the environment is something we NEED to fix, considering humans are the reason it's worsening. Every little choice matters, whether it's walking to the store a mile away instead of using your moped or vehicle, or using a reusable bottle for water rather than buying endless cases of bottled water when you could eaily just buy a brita type filter and one bottle over and over. I tend to look for the comic side in everything and you will see this in my posted photos. Laughter is my way of living and succeeding each day. Some of my favorite songs wouldn't necessarily inspire my topic, but they inspire the way I feel which in turn made me realize the evnironment needs help.

Kingdom Come - Coldplay
Overkill - Colin Hay
Everday - Dave Matthews Band
When the world ends - Dave Matthews Band

Pretty much any DMB songs inspire me. They take me to a reality thats all inspiring, and make me realize theres more to this world than the individual.

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.? - Bhudda

February 18, 2008

Call your local IT company for Blogging Help.


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Your Nuts if you think squirrels are harmless!


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February 13, 2008

Blog Prompt #2

The only social issue that i can think of is a large one, and impossible to control in my mind. It's the segregation we have created amongst ourselves. With immigration getting higher, Minnesota is a prime location for these newcomers to live. Theres nothing wrong with this, except that for most people they don't understand eachothers culture. So we write them off, and consider them below us. I don't think this is right! Growing up to this day I have been a suburbanite, and I have a small spectrum of knowledge in other cultures. I plan on continuing my service learning experiences throughout my life, and by doing this I plan on trying to get others to do the same. It's almost like paying it forward, but not. I may just be saying this momentarily because of all of the issues coming up in courses, but I hope that helping others in culturalfying their lives will change the city, and eventually the state, then country, and of course I would hope the world.

February 6, 2008

Blog Prompt #1

When assigned this prompt question, I immediately thought of the Mississsippi River. It runs right through the heart of Minneapolis. Then I asked myself, why did this particular area become the heart and life associated with Minnesotans. It's mainly because the earth is made of mostly water, and it's constantly moving creating an energy. Not just energy to power our Ipods, but also to power lives with income, creating a downtown area of hopes and dreams. Back in the day Minneapolis was known as the Flour Milling Capital of the World. I have toured the Mill City Museum a couple of times, and that holds the beginning to what i think Minnesotans should call history. If it weren't for these Mills, this city may have never boomed, and i'm not referring to any of the numerous times the Washburn A Mill had blown up. Just like Andy Goldsworthy and his art of natural life in the creek. The river does the same, maybe not for a train of leaves, but it's natural current has allowed Minneapolisan's to grow along with it.