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Blog Prompt #1

When assigned this prompt question, I immediately thought of the Mississsippi River. It runs right through the heart of Minneapolis. Then I asked myself, why did this particular area become the heart and life associated with Minnesotans. It's mainly because the earth is made of mostly water, and it's constantly moving creating an energy. Not just energy to power our Ipods, but also to power lives with income, creating a downtown area of hopes and dreams. Back in the day Minneapolis was known as the Flour Milling Capital of the World. I have toured the Mill City Museum a couple of times, and that holds the beginning to what i think Minnesotans should call history. If it weren't for these Mills, this city may have never boomed, and i'm not referring to any of the numerous times the Washburn A Mill had blown up. Just like Andy Goldsworthy and his art of natural life in the creek. The river does the same, maybe not for a train of leaves, but it's natural current has allowed Minneapolisan's to grow along with it.