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Blog Prompt #2

The only social issue that i can think of is a large one, and impossible to control in my mind. It's the segregation we have created amongst ourselves. With immigration getting higher, Minnesota is a prime location for these newcomers to live. Theres nothing wrong with this, except that for most people they don't understand eachothers culture. So we write them off, and consider them below us. I don't think this is right! Growing up to this day I have been a suburbanite, and I have a small spectrum of knowledge in other cultures. I plan on continuing my service learning experiences throughout my life, and by doing this I plan on trying to get others to do the same. It's almost like paying it forward, but not. I may just be saying this momentarily because of all of the issues coming up in courses, but I hope that helping others in culturalfying their lives will change the city, and eventually the state, then country, and of course I would hope the world.