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Blog Prompt #3

Well, I have figured out nothing about movable type so far. I am very computer literate yet I am unable to figure out what i am doing or lack of. Anyways, I have posted a few pictures related to my research project. They relate to global warming as im sure you figured out. It's a major issue, maybe not for our generation, but sometime in the future, it will indeed affect lives dramatically. I think sustainability in the environment is something we NEED to fix, considering humans are the reason it's worsening. Every little choice matters, whether it's walking to the store a mile away instead of using your moped or vehicle, or using a reusable bottle for water rather than buying endless cases of bottled water when you could eaily just buy a brita type filter and one bottle over and over. I tend to look for the comic side in everything and you will see this in my posted photos. Laughter is my way of living and succeeding each day. Some of my favorite songs wouldn't necessarily inspire my topic, but they inspire the way I feel which in turn made me realize the evnironment needs help.

Kingdom Come - Coldplay
Overkill - Colin Hay
Everday - Dave Matthews Band
When the world ends - Dave Matthews Band

Pretty much any DMB songs inspire me. They take me to a reality thats all inspiring, and make me realize theres more to this world than the individual.

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.� - Bhudda


this attempt to get movable type to do what you want it to is good enough. it gets the point across. the imagery is funny/poignant at the same time. i like your insights as to why this topic is important to you and your approach (humor/music) to it is nice as well. i would like to read more about how your insights relate directly to the MDG. how might humor or music be used to get at this issue?