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Blog Prompt #4

If I had no constraints from the architecture school program, I don't really know what I would do. Most likely I would ask for the Professors to give me my constaints back. I work much better and creatively when I have to think carefully about my progress towards that unattainable perfection we all strive for. At this moment in time, a majority of the people in our culture are beginning to see the impact humans have towards natural resource consumption, and the rapid rate they will deteriorate at. If I had the opprotunity, I would start to provide people with the knowledge and resources to begin a more sustainable lifestyle. It's not that hard to take a step in to the right direction by maybe changing a lightbulb to an ecofriendly light bulb or start use the same water bottle everday for your liquids. Most people think that this issue will not affect us in our liftime, but if you have family and care about them, in turn it affects you, because they will have to live with our choices.

Check this site out for ideas...