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March 12, 2008

Blog Prompt #6

Instead of using magazines, which are current for that published date; I decided to look at a site that focuses on Aids in Africa. Primarily using statistic charts, the viewer is able to catch a glipmse of the reality we are facing with the aids epidemic in Africa. I believe that the best means of promoting this issue is by first hand experience (getting aids/HIV), fortunately many of us are lucky enough not to. So the safest and most effective way is through images, movies, and music. Images allow a viewer to begin the process of interest in this issue. Then hollywood comes along and creates a documentary about the locations, the lives it's changed, and the effects on the surrounding lifestyles. Finally, I believe that music is the most powerful voice in initiating help. Whether it's raising funds, bringing awareness or just providing an momentary escape from reality. I have provided a link to a highly informative site in relation to the Aids epidemic. The information is so very powerful yet so overlooked by many. I am hoping that more people who are sayer's will become do'ers and help the fight ending in 2015.


March 5, 2008

Blog Prompt #5

Design functionality is the key to success. Everything surrounding everything has the potential to be flawed or successful in it's function. Designers must accept their mistakes and grow from then, rather than pawning the faults to a different source. Not everyone in life can constantly make the right choices, and this leaves many in unhealthy/helpless situations. Im not positive but I believe Thomas Fischer has stated that designers should have a better attachment to their creations as if it's a lifelong client. This could potentially solve the problem of buildings, communities, and cities from the depressions caused by the lack of upkeep in their original intentions for the designs. I have attached a link to a blog site in which the author is as tired of poor housing as I am, but the author focuses more on the lifestyle, where I begin at the source (the design).