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Blog Prompt #6

Instead of using magazines, which are current for that published date; I decided to look at a site that focuses on Aids in Africa. Primarily using statistic charts, the viewer is able to catch a glipmse of the reality we are facing with the aids epidemic in Africa. I believe that the best means of promoting this issue is by first hand experience (getting aids/HIV), fortunately many of us are lucky enough not to. So the safest and most effective way is through images, movies, and music. Images allow a viewer to begin the process of interest in this issue. Then hollywood comes along and creates a documentary about the locations, the lives it's changed, and the effects on the surrounding lifestyles. Finally, I believe that music is the most powerful voice in initiating help. Whether it's raising funds, bringing awareness or just providing an momentary escape from reality. I have provided a link to a highly informative site in relation to the Aids epidemic. The information is so very powerful yet so overlooked by many. I am hoping that more people who are sayer's will become do'ers and help the fight ending in 2015.