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Blog Prompt #7

MDG #1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
I think that this group did a very good job, the overall presentation was good but lacking some key information. Some of the things I thought would be helpful were, describing the current government and what they are trying to do to solve this issue internally. It seems like they focused too much on the abilities of developed countries such as the United States and what they are doing.
They provided two organizations that are attempted to help; on being OXFAM a global organization that provides food and education, and ALCHEMY WORLD which I believe provides entrepeneurships in agriculture for students to learn the essentials and then provide their local community with that knowledge and experience. I understand what OXFAM is doing, but ALCHEMY WORLD is still a little hazy in my mind. I think their efforts in fighting this goal, needed to be explained a little better.
The main issues in Ethiopia are:
• Lack of irrigation technology
• Income generation (being taught in classes on how to achieve a better sale price)
• Lake Ziway receeded over a mile since they began tapping this main resource
• Storage shelters were built for year round storage (can grow without wasting)
Overall I think the group did a really good job with gathering information on Ethiopia, but could use more in depth information to help stabilize their argument.