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Blog Prompt #8

MDG #2: Achieve universal primary education.
I thought I was going to like this presentation, but it turned out to be way too scripted that it turned into information that I could look up anywhere. Some of the members did very good job with presenting their portion and made it seem as if they were part of an organization helping the cause, where others just wanted a grade.
They had a lot of good facts and slides were nicely put together. I think that women lack a lot of education in countries such as Pakistan as they described, but I would have to say that it’s still an issue for both men and women.
The Main Issues in Pakistan are:
• 14 million Muslims and Hindus relocated
• Lack of funding, locations, and student attendance
• Madras educates only 8% of all Pakistani’s
• Women go to school to provide a better education for their SONS.
• United States hopes to provide over 100 million dollars by 2015.
• Since 1990, the enrollment rate surpassed the literacy rate
They spoke too much on Greg Mortenson, yes I am sure he is doing great things to help the Pakistani’s but there must be some other form of aid in succeeding with this goal. He has enabled many communities to help provide themselves school buildings, teachers and supplies. Overall they had good intentions, but just focused way too much on Greg Mortenson.