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February 13, 2006

Job Fair Speech

Students at University of Minnesota-Duluth were given the keys to a successful job fair experience in a speech conducted by Janet Prybil last Thursday.
"The secret to success at a job fair is preparation," said Prybil, a counselor who has been with the university's Career Services Department for 17 years. A majority of her audience was composed of university juniors and seniors, but underclassmen were encouraged to attend similar meetings within the next few weeks.
The lecture, which lasted about an hour, gave students clues as to how they should prepare for the upcoming UM Job and Internship Fair held on February 20th in Minneapolis. A step-by-step presentation was given with the aid of provided computers and handouts outlining the speech, as well as instructions on how to register online to attend the fair.
Prybil discussed the various procedures involving the job fair, including transportation options and a general layout of the fair which is to be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
"There is going to be lots of noise, lots of people, lots of stuff going on," said Prybil. "You're going there to make contacts with the employers."
Interview tips were also given, ranging from what to wear to what types of questions to expect.
"You do want to look professional," said Prybil. "You want to show the employer that you're taking the process seriously."
Prybil provided useful information about the interviews, including a time frame of anywhere from five to thirty minutes in length.
When questioned about the scarcity of jobs offered by the interviewers, Prybil said, "They are there to talk to you about all positions." Further information was provided on the types of businesses that were going to be present and how to research these establishments ahead of time.
She also stressed the importance of thank you notes following the job fair by saying "If you want to be considered serious by this employer, you've got to do it on a thank you letter!"
Prybil provided students with an array of helpful options when preparing for the job fair including the website offered by the University of Minnesota, several handouts and a recommended interview guide: Knock Em Dead by Martin Yate.
"Don't expect a job offer," said Prybil, "If you allow yourself time to prepare ahead of time, the job fair can be very beneficial."

February 12, 2006


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