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Taxi Program/ Peterson

It's gotten easier for UMD students to find a safe, reliable ride home after a night on the town, thanks to the new Bulldog Taxi Program.
The Student Association-run program began in early March, and provides students with $2.00 cab rides per person/ per ride. Hours start at 9:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. every day of the week.
"I feel like it will keep people from driving drunk," said Renee Sawinski, a UMD freshman. "I know I will take advantage of it- I already have last Saturday!"
Students can sign up for no cost at the Student Activities Office located in the Kirby Student Center. You will need a U-card, as well as your age and current place of residence. This information will be used to keep track of the number of students using the program.
"I didn't have any form of transportation when I when I first went to college," said Ryan Souba, a UMD senior. "This would've been so useful back then."
Students will receive a taxi pass to verify that they are a member of the Program.
"I feel much more confident leaving campus knowing that I can count on the taxi service to provide me with safe transportation," said Kristine Bergren, also a UMD freshman.
The conditions of the Bulldog Taxi Program has been in constant debate since the beginning of last semester. The hard work of the Student Association seemed about to go to waste when the cab company suddenly disagreed to the set conditions. The arguments arose due to a disagreement over insurance requirements in the beginning of this semester.
The university requires an insurance coverage of no less than $1 million combined coverage expense per accident associated with the university. The cab company requires at least $2 million.
"A general council staff of lawyers and the cab company have each had to bargain," said Jeni Kiewatt, Taxi Program Director and student at UMD.
An agreement was reached earlier this semester, bargaining down to UMD's standards. The Student Association has been busy working to stir up student support and interest.
"We've had a table set up in Kirby for most of March," said Kiewatt. "We hope this will help to advertise the Bulldog Taxi Program."
The certainty of keeping program is unstable, according to Kiewatt. A big factor in determining the longevity of the Bulldog Taxi Program is based on reports from the cab company and UMD's board of lawyers. The main factor is based on the amount of student support.
"The program is tentative for now," said Kiewatt, Taxi Program Director . "But with enough support from students, I think this program will be here for good."
For More Information: Stop by the Student Activities Office located in the Kirby Student Center or email Jeni Kiewatt at kiew0015@d.umn.edu.