December 14, 2006

Midtown Global Market

As I walked up to the Midtown Global Market, it did not seem like a building of various cultures and communities. While walking through the Midtown Market an energy ran through my body. It was such a culturally diverse area that engaged all of my senses. This was a place that brought together people of all different backgrounds and cultures. There was an open plaza for people to walk around and talk. The place was filled with energy through people talking and cooking, even the performers singing in the center of the plaza. This was a place where so many diverse people could come and exchange different materials and types of energy. The interaction between these people is what creates an exchange of energy at the Midtown Market. There were different smells, colors, and materials; yet everything somehow fit together.

To me, architecture only makes sense in the context of a set of objectives. One must know whether it is a church, museum, house, etc., that is to be built. We must know how everything fits and works together. For example, in this situation a building constructed as a grand department store becomes, in time, a living memorial of a community lasting through generations. The importance of this building is not in its framework, it is in its age and its connections to other cultures. It is in a buildings profound expression and vocalization, in which we feel the lasting effects of humanity. This experience has shown me the brilliance illuminated by a building that penetrates the core of humanity, that connects forgotten and following generations with each other, and gathers different communities together.