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The Nitty-Gritty Details

It's a strange idea to me that there can be any doubt in somebody's mind about the relationship between religion, science, and the environment. Science is the soul proprietor of nature and vice versa! Nature has everything to do with science and science has everything to do with nature. The confusion that might stem from me saying this is a reasonable confusion, so let me clarify. Science is a clear, precise way to explain our environment in terms that we can understand. Religion is like a highly evolved “coping organism� that people fall back on to explain what science cannot, yet. Maybe organism isn’t the right word to use, but you get the gist I hope. It’s never been proven that there is a god. Some might cite the Bible as proof enough, but what proof is in the bible? That a few people have written about a man born from a said virgin, is that the proof? There have been much more elaborate schemes then that, so who's to say this is the truth? Where does this greater being live? Who or what created him or her? Why did he create us? The confusion I have with regards to the idea of religion is that most religions claim to be the right one to believe in. I have no idea how many religions there are in this world but they can’t all be right! But if one was indeed right, how could the billions of other people in this world of a different religious persuasion all be wrong??? This makes no logical sense, and with that I’m afraid I must conclude that religion, or in the least the way that we use/abuse religion, is all wrong.

I’m not an anti-religious zealot, and far from. I definitely respect people’s beliefs, especially when I don't quite know my own quite yet! And I truly do believe that there is something more to this world, something that science might not be able to explain. I just think that religion as most people know it gets too caught up in details and petty mishaps to really be something constructive. How many wars have been started based on religious beliefs? What's a major factor in most genocides? The thing is, all of these different religions aren’t so different when you come right down to it. The morals and ethics instilled by each are generally extremely relative to one another! It’s the nitty-gritty details that keep them at each others’ throats, and that’s the problem.

I found this to be a nice little definition/explanation


I totally agree with you how you explain religion in contrast to science at the beginning of your entry. It makes sense that people fall back on something because science is unable to solve it. and i liked how you called it a copeing mechanism.