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Something funky's going down...

I think global warming is definitely something to be concerned with today. I's sure that I know as much about it as the majority of society knows about, almost nothing. But there's such a huge "following" to it that something funky's got to be going down in the atmosphere. The consensus seems to be that there is something changing in the world's climate, but the debate is whether or not it's something to worry about.

I guess I don't know what I'm talking about. The truth is, I've heard lots of bad things about global climate change and not much in opposition to it lately. Therefore I conclude that, until someone proves this wrong, global climate change is something to worry about.

However, the longer article that we read for today really did a good job of making me think about what I really do think I know on the subject. It turns out i know nothing! Which i sort of knew already. But it made me think about why i think the way i do about the subject. And it's because of the press, i've come to realize. So if global warming had equal opposition in the media I'd probably be just as likely to support that side.

I generally think that people are smart, and that the majority usually tends to rule. With so many people supporting the global warming craze, i find it hard to go against the grain and think that it's no big deal. I guess that could be an error in judgement on my part, but I'd much rather be safe than sorry, and air on the side of caution.