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Transfer of energy

I think the idea of energy being transferred is very hard to answer; it all depends on how we view the question. If we think of it like physics then all the buildings we construct are a flow of energy, because they require work to be done. And in order for work to be done there must be a force applied, and in any system there is never energy added or taken away just converted from one form to another. But if we think of energy as feelings we gather a wide range of perspectives. Take for instance building a log cabin in the forest. There is already the beauty of nature that gives a pleasant energy and the design of the cabin can be used as a retreat to the forest for a chance to see what most people would otherwise overlook, the view of the nature. As for a city think of an old fashioned tourist town were all the houses look similar, so the focus isn’t on the buildings themselves, but rather how well they incorporate into the idea of the surrounding. People love sightseeing and family vacations and these places offer a fun and interactive time to get out and take in our surroundings.