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Can't survive without my stuff...

I support the idea that the built environment effects who we are. There’s no way to get away from even the simplest objects used in our daily lives.
Cell Phone
I use my cell phone every day. I hate wearing watches and my phone takes care of that with the clock feature on it. Consider how weighted down you would be if you carried the other features such as a calculator, internet, calendar, iPod and more along with a phone. And if I’m waiting for an important call I don’t have to sit by the land line at home I can go take care of chores like getting the grocieries knowing that I can be reached on my cell phone. All these things that the cell phone can provide other than communication affect my life. Moving on to the communication part of the phone, I enjoy my families company, and enjoy talking to them. Because I am five hours away I am more inclined to travel on the weekend to go see them, but since I talk to them every other night if not each night I tend to stay home on instead of going to visit them.
Because I have a daily and weekly schedule I need to set alarms to make it to the events in my day. I use my phone for this purpose to set my morning alarm and reminders throughout the day. Every morning I get up at 6:00am and when I’m studying during the day I set a 10 min reminder before class starts. My day is completely predictable and I know my next week’s schedule to most extents. This creates part of the clockwork for my current lifestyle.
I love my new Chrysler Sebring, (fully loaded) that’s right, CD, power windows, power locks, sunroof, leather and all. Do I need the leather or any of the other features? No, but they sure are nice. These things give me a sense of pride that I earned them and were able to obtain the luxuries offered. Every day I use my car for getting to school and other trips around town. I know what day about that I need to refill and what times to be on the road to beat traffic, establishing another form of clockwork in my day.
All the education so far and planed in the future is not just for fun nor am I trying to be the smartest person in the world. My education and attending the University of Minnesota is all in the belief that I will obtain a better career in the future. This influence is from society and my family this influencing their views onto me. The thing here is a belief that education will provide more opportunities.
My courses are planed out as well as the hundreds of architects before me. There is a list of classes that fits into the curriculum I am able to choose from. While there are a few free classes I can take they are “restricted choices.? “You need 3 math classes her choose from this list.? Ultimately I chose the major and the classes I want as long as the school offers the major and the class is within the confines of the profession. The framework is mostly laid out for me and I just fill in a few gaps. The rules say I need “X? many credits in Math, English, Fine Arts, etc. I must achieve these goals or I have wasted my time in school in my eyes.
Not going to lie I envy those that have the monstrous fifty sum inch flat screen plasma TVs. My uncle just got a new one with a backlight option and it is suppose to make the TV image seem to surround the viewer as if he or she were there. For example if the image background is blue like the ocean, LEDs behind the tv cast a blue haze onto the wall behind creating the idea the picture is no longer confined to the tv but surrounding you. Kind of neat I know. Things like these interest me and make me eager to watch a movie with the new technology, as if the movie I know by heart is going to be different on the backlit tv as opposed to the old school tube tv.
Forget about the tv itself and think about the shows you watch. As for me I like action and love to watch the winter X-games. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t recall seeing ads for Butterball Turkeys, but rather I have seen Monster Energy Drinks ads. Or how about Kitchen Aid appliances, probably not to often. Now Burton’s new line of boards boots and bindings, ya those are more like it.


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