April 24, 2008


I thought the group that presented had an interesting topic that they discussed.

The Cob houses and the freedom in the design to shape the structure however the owner feels best suits them was a great concept. Along with the natural insulation that the material provides was something eco friendly. Not only does it become the structure, the design, and the texture, but it takes another property of cooling and keeping warm the house.

The Green Roof idea was also interesting. To me it looks as if we were just pulling the grass that would normally be there up a few hundered feet as if the building was drawn out from the ground. Why not do this? Why does the top of the building need to look "pretty."

The presentation was very informative, but as I understand it. The class presentation was supose to be about why, we researched this, and what was interesting about this, and the slides were mainly for the TA to read and give the presentation structure.

As far as why they reasearched the topic they didn't give much infromation about the signifigence of the reseach to them. The group had good information but once again the presentation was supose to be WHY not WHAT (as far as I know). The layout of the slide should also have been talked about, why we chose this design border, and what the impact of our arangement had on the delivery of out concepts. The group seemed to discuss more about what was in the slide rather then what the impact of the slide is intended to have or the reason a layout was chosen.

I liked the layout. It was simple very easy to follow and had consistency threw the project. The purple border was repeated on each slide, and the text and image seemed to be balanced for what I remember. There was nothing that stuck out in my mind as why did they do that or it doesn't look right. So I personally feel it was appeasing to the eye. Although the map was a bit harder to read, but that was from a distance, anyone downloading the file on their computer I'm sure would do alright reading it. But aren't most maps are hard to read anyway.

During some of the presentations the said a lot of, "I think" or "If I recal." Suggesting maybe they didn't have all their sources together or they didn't have time to insert the sitations into the research. But once again I'm not sure on the rules for this project. Are we to site the source on the slide, create a foot note of the location of the source, or include a sitation page itself? So I can't falt them on something I'm unsure of myself.

Overall I think they had an exellent presentation, everyone was on key. Each student had his choice of topic, and all the topics related to one another. I believe the idea was building with a sustainable inviroment in mind, weather that be using natural products that would utilize every aspect of the resource instead of waisting the stalks that are used in the Cob homes. Or that be adding a touch of nature to the desinged enviroment by minimizing runnoff thue suplimenting green roofs.