February 20, 2008

Jamin Out.

Tunes I rock out to while carving up the powder on the slopes!!!
Artist / Album / Song Title
Puddle Of Mudd / Psycho
Orgy / Candy Ass / Blue Monday
Smile Empty Soul / Bottom of a bottle
Rob Zombie / Dragule
Korn / Follow the Leader / Freak on a leash
Drowning Pool / Let the bodies hit the floor
Limp Bizkit / Chocolate Star Fish / Rollin
Cold / Year of the Spider / Suffocate
Seether / Karma and Effect / Truth
Power Man 5000 / Toningt the Stars Revolt / When worlds Collide

Tunes I listen to that relax my agressive driving habits…
Artist / Album / Song Title
Citezen Cope / The Clarence Greenwood / Bullet and a target
Nirvana / Heart shaped box
Tom Petty / Last dance with Mary Jane
Grits / My life be like-Ooh Ahh
Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Scar tissue
Linkin Park / Minutes to Midnight / Shadow of the day
Ringside / Tired of being sorry
A Perfect Circle / Mer De Noms / 3 Libra's
Oasis / Bittersweet Symphony
Sether Feat. Amy Lee / The Punisher / Broken

Tunes I just like listening to with friends or around the house…
Artist / Album / Song Title
Chevelle / Wonder what's next / Closure
Gym Class Heroes / As Cruel as School Children / Close Off
Nirvana / Come as You are
Paramore / Riot! / Crush Crush Crush
Blur / Woo Hoo
Eiffel 65 / Blue
Eminem / The Eminem Show / Supper Man
Finger eleven / Them vs. Me vs. You / Paralyzer
Green Day / Nimrod / Time of your life
Jay-Z feat. Linkin Park / 99 Problems Remix