Egypt's First Democratic Parliament Session Starts with Chaos

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Representatives of Egypt's first freely elected Parliament in six decades met Monday for the first time.

It did not take long for a democratic dispute to arise over choosing a speaker, which escalated into a shouting match that overshadowed the day, The New York Times reported.

Saad el Katatny, of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, was eventually named the speaker as expected. The decision came after some last minute bickering, which further revealed the tension between the only elected body of Egypt's unfinished revolution, reported The Miami Herald.

The newly appointed assembly's main cause for action is to lead the selection of drafters for a new constitution, but some legislators have already promised to use their power to challenge the transition to democracy.

For the revolutionaries, their No. 1 goal is a smooth transition from military to civilian rule, but for now the generals are pushing for authority to be distributed after presidential elections in June.

The parliamentary session began with a prayer for the "martyrs", who were killed during protests in the past year. The session was held to administer the oath of office and to name a speaker of Parliament, but both topics drew an emotional debate.

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