Attribution Analysis: Love Stomp, Just an Accident

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During Saturday's game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Houston Rockets, Kevin Love and Luis Scola were involved in an on-court altercation that ended when Love stepped on Scola's face, Fox Sports said.

Within this story, writer Tyler Mason gathered both sides of the story by talking to both Love and Scola after the game. He names each of the sources, using Love's initial thoughts early in the story, and Scola's toward the end. The two sources are spread out throughout the story evenly.

The information was gathered from the two players directly involved with the incident, which adds credibility to the story. Mason sets up the attribution by explaining what happened during the game, and introducing how Love responded following the end of the game. The way Mason sets up his attribution is very effective and clearly put to where the reader understands exactly what happened, and also how each player felt about the incident.

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