Madagascar cyclone update

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I wrote a blog post on a cyclone that struck Madagascar on Tuesday, and then went back and analyzed what had been updated on Wednesday.

The leads for the two news releases differ because of new details that were gathered by the Associated Press, which showed that more people had died because of the cyclone.

The main news between the two has not changed much, but there is an attribution of a source that was not used in the original release. A government official is interviewed in the update, who provides further details on how many were killed and injured because of the cyclone. The second story certainly advances the news by providing more exact death counts and disproving the earlier toll of three.

The second-day story is a response to a report from the same news organization. The flow of the story is not affected by the changes, which is similar to the fact block strategies that we learned in class. The fact blocks can be rearranged to fit more recent incoming details. This helps the report flow better than it had in the original report.

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