Multimedia Analysis

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For the purpose of this analysis, I chose to compare the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The New York Times does not feature a large amount of multimedia. You can find maybe one video that accompanies the top story of the day. The multimedia is not featured on the page, which does a good job of not taking the focus off of the news story itself. The top items on the site have different graphics and interactive features that focus on the GOP race. These pieces are also written with many links placed in the text that can lead to even more information.

The Washington Post has a larger collection of multimedia images for each separate story. I enjoy the layout of this site because it seems much more friendly to normal news goers. Most stories on the home page have an image to accompany them. Each top story page has a large image at the head of the page, along with some graphics and links to other related stories that may interest readers. This particular GOP story has been reported from Michigan. The writing styles are comparable to one another.

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