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I observed the obituary of "Gorgeous George" Wagner, which was published by the Pioneer Press on March 4.

The only main source that the writer cited was a professional wrestling memorial site that listed notable deaths within the wrestling world most recently.

The lead used for Wagner's obituary is very standard, listing his name first and followed by his most notable accomplishments. The writer also used the opinion of wrestling fans to portray the type of person Wagner was, but did not list his age in the lead.

The lead is very effective and toward the end the writer uses a famous quotation from Wagner for which he was known the most. "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!"

This obituary is different from a resume because it involves character that a resume does not provide. Using famous quotations and fan perspectives are two things that you will not get from reading a resume that simply lists accomplishments.

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Sounds really very interesting and different, especially the advice when to win and lose and that you should always cheat, haha, really very practical and not standard at all! Removals

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