Heroin deaths on the rise in Twin Cities

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Heroin deaths skyrocketed in the Twin Cities last year as the drug grew more popular, potent and deadly, the Star Tribune said.

Deaths caused by heroin in Hennepin, Ramsey and Anoka counties nearly tripled in 2011 compared to the previous year, rising from 16 to 46.

New test results showed that heroin purchased in the Twin Cities is 93.5 percent pure, the highest potency in the nation.

Hennepin County authorities are already on track to surpass the amount of heroin seized last year.

In Hennepin County alone, heroin related deaths rose from eight in 2010 to 21 in 2011.

Police believe the drug to be coming from Mexico, but the high potency of the drug in Minnesota makes it much easier to accidentally overdose.

1 Comment

Nowadays heroin is one of the most popular drugs and we all have to do something to save our children and friends of being destroyed by the death poison.


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