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Illinois couple claims the final Mega Millions prize

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The last of the Mega Millions lottery winners are a married couple from Red Bud, Ill., and they will claim their share in the biggest jackpot in lottery history today, ABC News said.

The couple will appear at a news conference today to have their identity revealed for the first time. Illinois officials require winners to come forward in order to prove to the public that the money is being rewarded.

The other two Mega Millions lottery winners were from Kansas and Maryland, and those states do not require the winner to go public.

The newly-crowned multimillionaires can decide between receiving 26 yearly payments totaling $218.6 million or a one-time lump sum of $157.8 million.

NCAA accepts Baylor's self-imposed penalties

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The NCAA has announced it will not assess additional penalties to those self-imposed by Baylor University for the more than 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages made over a 29-month span, the USA Today said.

The imposed penalties involved the men's and women's basketball teams mainly, but nine programs overall.

The investigation carried out by the NCAA, took more than three years to complete, but was resolved by the summary disposition process rather than a formal hearing.

There will be no appeal, and the case is now complete.

Yahoo laying off 2,000 employees in latest purge

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Yahoo plans to lay off 2,000 employees , the Star Tribune said.

In an attempt to turn around the struggling internet giant, new CEO Scott Thompson plans to eliminate 14 percent of his workforce in hopes of saving near $375 million a year.

Workers losing their jobs were being notified Wednesday. Some of the affected employees will be staying on to complete various projects, according to Yahoo.

The housecleaning marks Yahoo's sixth mass layoff of employees in the past four years under three different CEOs. This one will inflict the greatest cuts yet.

These cuts are part of an overhaul aimed on focusing on what Thompson believes are Yahoo's strengths in the increasingly important mobile computing market.

Three winners of the record-breaking U.S. lottery jackpot now face a series of decision after winning a share of the $656 million prize Friday, the Wall Street Journal said.

Tickets sold in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland matched all six numbers in Friday's drawing. None of the winners had come forward as of Sunday evening.

One winning ticket was purchased at a Motomart in Red Bull, Ill., a town about an hour south of St. Louis. The Motomart owners will receive $500,000 based on that state's lottery rules.

Another winning ticket was sold at a 7-Eleven just outside Baltimore. The couple that owns the store will receive $100,000.

The total payout if all three winners take the money in lump-sum payments will be $474 million.

Arizona cities buried in rare snowstorm

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A surprising late-winter snowstorm will leaves parts of Arizona buried Monday, while travel is halted and schools are closed, CNN said.

A day before spring officially starts, most of the country will continue to enjoy warm temperatures, but The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for the mountains of central and eastern Arizona early Monday.

The city of Flagstaff continues to dig out of the 10 to 14 inches of snow that fell this weekend, which caused school closings in the city for Monday.

Heavy snow and powerful winds forced authorities to close 180 miles of Interstate 40 in northern Arizona on Sunday until further notice.

In eastern parts of the country, temperatures are well above average from Texas and the Midwest all the way to the East Coast.

Colts expected to release Peyton Manning Wednesday

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The Indianapolis Colts plan to release veteran quarterback Peyton Manning Wednesday, the USA Today said.

The nearly 36-year-old four-time NFL MVP will not have his option picked up by the team, which owes him a $28 million roster bonus, leaving him free to sign with any team.

The team plans to make the announcement at a press conference attended by team owner Jim Irsay and Manning, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Manning had to sit out the 2011 season after having multiple neck surgeries during the offseason and again during the NFL season.

Peyton's older brother Cooper Manning provided information to the report, which lead reporters to speculate that the Colts and Manning were close to parting ways.

Death toll in Ohio school shooting rises

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A third student died Tuesday morning in the suburban Cleveland high school shooting that left two other students dead after a teenager allegedly opened fire in the cafeteria Monday, CBS News said.

Demetrius Hewlin, a student from Chardon High School, and was listed in critical condition, passed away Tuesday morning.

Hewlin's family released a statement saying, "We are very saddened by the loss of our son and others in our Chardon community. Demetrius was a happy young man who loved life and his family and friends. We will miss him very much but we are proud that he will be able to help others through organ donation. We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Another student, Russell King Jr., was declared brain dead Tuesday. It was unclear at first whether King was to remain on life support, a statement referred to him as both brain dead and deceased.

Obama and Romney introduce tax overhaul proposals

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Both Mitt Romney and President Obama introduced dueling tax overhaul proposals on Wednesday, sparking a fresh debate on federal deficit and wealthy individuals in America, the Washington Post said.

Romney plans to cut all existing tax brackets by the same proportion, including cutting the lowest rate to 8 percent. Romney unveiled details of his proposal just hours after President Obama expressed his plan on overhauling the nation's corporate tax code.

Obama's plan would lower the nation's corporate tax rate to 28 percent, and would boost overall revenue from corporate taxation. His plan targets oil and gas companies for tax increases while promising breaks for manufacturing companies.

It remains unclear how each of the plans would fare in Congress. Support has been given to a tax strategy that reduces rates across the board.

Pop legend Whitney Houston dies at 48

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The music industry lost an icon Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif., as Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room, the New York Times said.

Her death came on the eve of music's biggest night of the year, the Grammy Awards. Houston was staying at the Beverly Hilton hotel so she could attend a pre-Grammy party being hosted by Clive Davis, her pop mentor.

Houston was found in her room at 3:55 p.m., and paramedics spent 20 minutes attempting to revive her before she was pronounced dead. Authorities said that there were no signs of foul play and no immediate cause of death could be determined.

Houston was a queen at the Grammy Awards for her generation. Singer Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to a fallen idol by performing one of Houston's most memorable songs, "I Will Always Love You", Sunday night during the awards broadcast.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is hoping that Minnesota will give him his first win of the campaign on Tuesday, the Star Tribune said.

Paul has invested days of campaigning and money for television ads in Minnesota, looking to gain critical support from a battleground state.

The Texas congressman plans to spend Tuesday celebrating a caucus-night party outside of Minneapolis.

In his Minnesota stops, Paul has focused on anti-war themes and made himself clear on committing to cutting government budgets.

At this time four years ago, Romney won the Minnesota caucus, while Paul took fourth.

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