Analysis: Multimedia Approaches

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The Amanda Todd suicide story has saddened people around the world recently and provided news outlets with an opportunity to engage their readers.

The Huffington Post and CNN both covered the stories, but in different ways.

The Huffington Post used a number of interactives in its story. First, there was a slideshow with pictures of Amanda Todd. Second, Huff Post included a slideshow that featured messages of condolence posted via Twitter and Facebook. This engages the reader and allows Huffington Post to tell the story with more than just their own words. The article also provided the original YouTube video posted by Todd.

CNN, on the other hand, simply wrote an article and provided a short video describing the situation. This works, but it forced CNN to tell the entire story. The article was quite long as a result, since the situation surrounding Todd's death is complicated.

In contrast, the Huffington Post article is much shorter, because the video and the interactive slideshows tell much of the story themselves.

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