Bullied Canadian Teen Commits Suicide

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A Vancouver-area teen who posted her heart-wrenching tale of bullying on YouTube last month was found dead Wednesday evening in Coquitlam, Canada, according to the Huffington Post. She is believed to have committed suicide.

Amanda Todd, 15, was subjected to intense bullying both on and off the web in the last several years. According to her video, in the 7th grade she would go on webcam with her friends to meet new people, and at one point, a stranger persuaded her to flash the camera.

A year later, a man messaged her on Facebook, threatening to send around the topless picture of her. Soon, her naked picture was made public.

After that, anxiety, depression, and panic disorder set in, as did the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Throughout the next several years, Todd faced severe bullying that led her to transfer schools twice. She began cutting, tried anti-depressants, and attempted suicide by drinking bleach.

At the time the video was posted, Todd was still dealing with cyberbullying, even though she had transferred schools yet again.

The premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, posted a YouTube video addressing the situation, according to CNN. "No one deserves to be bullied. No one earns it. No one asks for it. It is not a rite of passage. Bullying has to stop. Every child has to feel safe at school."

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