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Hurricane Sandy is now expected to hit the United States Monday, with residents of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland already experiencing pelting rains, high winds, and evacuations, CNN reported Sunday.

Forecasters warn that Sandy will likely collide with a cold front from the West to create a "superstore" that could last for days. The National Hurricane Center is warning of a "life-threatening storm surge" in addition to sustained winds of over 70 mph.

As of 11 p.m. Sunday, Sandy hasn't begun veering toward the U.S., but the National Hurricane Center said it should happen in the next few hours.

The superstorm could endanger over 50 million people, with the New York area getting the worst of it.

"The time for preparing and talking is about over," FEMA's Craig Fugate said. "People need to be acting now."

New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore moved to shut down their subways, buses and trains and have said schools will be closed Monday, CBS News reported.

New York's Michael Bloomberg and New Jersey's Chris Christie are warning residents to evacuate immediately.

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