Pollster Calls Florida, Virginia and North Carolina for Romney

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A Suffolk University pollster announced Tuesday that he has stopped polling Florida, Virginia and North Carolina because he has concluded that President Obama will lose in these critical swing states, Politico reported Wednesday.

"In places like North Carolina, Virginia and Florida, we've already painted those red. We're not polling any of those states again. We're focusing on the remaining states," the pollster, David Paleologos, told Fox News.

Recent polling since the first presidential debate has shown GOP presidential hopeful gaining ground on President Obama.

Paleologos's fellow pollsters are perplexed by the decision to call these states for Romney with nearly a month left until election day.

"All three of those states are still toss-ups," Public Policy Polling's Tom Jensen told New York Magazine. "I don't agree with his assessment, and I don't know why he would have made it without even conducting any polling after the debates."

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