YouTube Video Shows Missing American Journalist

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A video clip posted on YouTube appears to show an American freelance journalist who has been missing for weeks, CNN reported Tuesday.

Austin Tice, a 31-year-old former Marine and journalist who had been reporting on the Syrian civil war for The Washington Post and McClatchy Newspapers, appears in the video, blindfolded and in distress. Both news organizations identified Tice in the video, as did Tice's family.

It is unclear where and when the video was shot. Men armed with machine guns are shown in the video talking loudly as they lead the man believed to be Tice up a hill. The captive man then tries to say a prayer in Arabic before saying, "Oh Jesus, oh Jesus," in English.

The U.S. State Department confirmed that U.S. officials have seen the video, but said they are unable to verify whether the video actually depicts Tice.

THe video does not have the customary appearance of jihadist videos, leading some to raise concerns that the video was staged, according to the Associated Press. Previous reports have indicated that Tice may be in government custody.

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