Egypt Seeks Cease-Fire

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Egypt, led by its intelligence chief, is negotiating with Hamas and Israel to end the warring that has erupted between Gaza and Israel this week, CNN reported.

Mohammed Shehata met with Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal on Saturday in an attempt to calm the situation and has contacted Israel as well. He is attempting to persuade both sides to reach a cease-fire, but no clear conclusion is in sight.

Israel unleashed a large air campaign Wednesday with the goal of deterring gunmen in Gaza from launching rockets. Forty-seven Palestinians, about half of them civilians have been killed in Israel's raids. Among the dead is a leading militant of the Hamas group, Reuters reported.

Gaza has fired more than 500 rockets into Israel, killing three and injuring many more.

Hamas military spokesmen remained defiant, while the Israeli government has authorized calling up 75,000 reservists.

Leaders all over the world have asked Israeli and Palestinian governing bodies to show restraint.

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