Minnesota Orchestra Cancels All Remaining 2012 Concerts

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The Minnesota Orchestra Thursday canceled concerts through the end of the year, including holiday and pop concerts that produce large revenues and draw large audiences, the Star Tribune reported.

The announcement marks a deepening of the conflict between musicians and the board of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Orchestra management has stated it wants to cut $5 million from labor expenses, approximately 33 percent of current costs, by cutting salaries and benefits, among other changes.

Negotiations broke off Sept. 30 and management locked out its musicians the next day.

Both sides have made public stands. The board says it will not meet until the union makes a formal counter proposal, while the union contends that it has already made three proposals.

There are no signs that the Minnesota Orchestra is close to ending the dispute.

Lockouts have gained momentum in Minnesota this year. The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra is also in the midst of a labor-management dispute, while the Minnesota Wild is currently unable to play due to the National Hockey League lockout, MinnPost reported.

In addition, American Crystal Sugar in the Red River Valley is in its 15th month of lockout.

Minnesota has historically been considered a labor state, but last year, only 15.1 percent of workers in the state belonged to labor unions.

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