Obama and Romney Tied, Polls Show

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With only a few days left until Election Day, President Obama and Mitt Romney are locked in a dead heat, with Obama holding a razor-thin lead over his opponent.

The newest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of likely voters shows Obama leading Romney 48% to 47%. Final polls in battleground states like Virginia, Ohio, Colorado and Wisconsin also show that the race is too close to call, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

The poll showed a 8-point advantage for the president among women and a 7-point advantage for Romney among men.

Another poll released Sunday, this one conducted on behalf of ABC News and the Washington Post, put the two candidates even at 48%, according to BBC News.

Both campaigns show confidence in their prospects. The Romney campaign has pointed to strength among independents and enthusiasm among conservatives to make a case for a Romney win. Obama's campaign cites its ground operation is evidence that the president will make his re-election bid.

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